Hello There!

Hello from the great Commonwealth of Kentucky

It is with mixed emotions that I write this first article of the year as the President of the Kentucky JCI Senate. I am truly blessed to be here to serve as president, and honored to do so. But I am also saddened that the Kentucky Senate had to resort to a castaway from Indiana to serve as president. I served as Indiana JCI Senate President in 2001-2002, and thought that my career serving the Senate organization was finished. But obviously God has different plans for me this year. I will work hard and travel as much as my health and work allows, and will continue the tradition of past castaways to serve the Kentucky Senate.

The theme that I chose for this year is simple: “Getting it done.” The Kentucky JCI Senate has been “getting it done” for 40+ years, and will continue to get it done this year. I am blessed to have a seasoned board with a lot of experience: Vice-President John Kelley #52591, Treasurer Jim Dulin #54018, Secretary Donna Cassell #68681, Sergeant-of-Arms Will Chester #63037, Chairman of the Board Bradford Blain #39993.

The 14th annual Bourbon Bash was the weekend of August 2nd-5th. This event is held the first weekend of August since its inception, and as past attendees can attest, is a fun experience. Visit the web site at kyjcisenate.org to see the facility and get a registration form. We welcome you all with open arms and show you a fun filled weekend should you choose to visit us in the future.

Since everything is up coming, I shall not bore you with possible trips that may or not happen. So keep up the efforts to make the world a better place, and keep on getting it done!

Keith Schnell, President #43086

Kentucky JCI Senate President 2018-19