Bourbon Bash 19 was a Blast!

Wow! It is a week out from the KY Bourbon Bash and that is all that I can say.  If you are a KY Senator and have not been to this event, you are missing a great time. Yes we work hard, but it is a great time with people that you may only see this time of year! (Kind sounds like Christmas!) This year we broke many records (not that we have kept many)!  The most people in attendance with 150, in the past I think 128 was the most attendees.  There was the most first timers 40 total, (with the exception possibly the first Bash).  (Looking for those numbers if I find them I’ll share them with you.)  The first Bash I was still on my honeymoon, so I do not know how many were there we did not make it.  Everyone seemed to have a great time!  Even though it was hot and there were many things to get accomplished the event was a great success. We had 30 KY Senators participate in the event with three newbies Jay Lasley #52921, Pat Settles #37500, and Mike Cecil #25614.

So if you have never been, please think about attending next year which is July 31-1 with Thursday, July 30th being an additional cost and my 15th wedding anniversary.  We get to see Senators from all over the US and sometimes from Canada.  This year we had 18 states represented.  It was great to host National President Lawrence Pittman #53932 and his wife Karol Fr #55, National Administrative V. P. Ariel Jones # 65423, National Treasurer Mike Andrews # 58312, National Secretary Susan Hatcher #58143, Region III VP John Cotter #41500, Region V Will Chester#63037, and Region VI Dave Delaney #41203.  Thank you for your support of this event.

So as we work on closing the books on this year I want to thank all who made this weekend possible: starting with Jim Dulin who has learned that it is great to have others help with the preparation and serving of the food, and there is a great team that helps with that with the leadership of Wendy Klinge and Sarah Chester. Jim and Janie Daugherty thank you so much for the glasses which we gave away for the 15th Bourbon Bash! We would be remiss in not thanking those from IN that help; Sherry and Doyle Jones, David Hussung, Johnny Caldwell, Jerry Lutman and music provided by Mike Andrews’ daughter Elise.  Plus we have great help from Amanda Turner and Carl Purk from OH. And thanks to Sherry and Monty Schroeder from IL. So when they say it takes a village it does and we greatly appreciate all the help that we receive and all the support from across the Region and more.  Plus we had wine tasting lead by Nina Perko Badeen from MI.  This event would not happen without the outstanding support of John and Kathy Kelley. There are many more that help that I have not mentioned, please know that we greatly appreciate your support.  So a million thank you’s for your attendance and help in making this event a success.

As Jaycees we always gave back to the community….As Senators we do the same….This year $1016.00 cash (including gift cards), food, towels, bleach, bandannas, toys and other items were collected for the Nelson County Human Society.  They were very appreciative of this great donation.  Thank you for your support!  This also broke last year’s donation.  So let’s keep making it happen!

Rolling down the river,
Cyndi Thornburg Schnell, 61668
President 19-20

Bourbon Bash 19 or Bust!

The 15th annual Bourbon Bash is the weekend of August 2nd-3rd. This event is held the first weekend of August since its inception, and as past attendees can attest, is a fun experience.


Here is the registration form in case anyone doesn’t already have one.

We hope to see you there!

Hello There!

Hello from the great Commonwealth of Kentucky

It is with mixed emotions that I write this first article of the year as the President of the Kentucky JCI Senate. I am truly blessed to be here to serve as president, and honored to do so. But I am also saddened that the Kentucky Senate had to resort to a castaway from Indiana to serve as president. I served as Indiana JCI Senate President in 2001-2002, and thought that my career serving the Senate organization was finished. But obviously God has different plans for me this year. I will work hard and travel as much as my health and work allows, and will continue the tradition of past castaways to serve the Kentucky Senate.

The theme that I chose for this year is simple: “Getting it done.” The Kentucky JCI Senate has been “getting it done” for 40+ years, and will continue to get it done this year. I am blessed to have a seasoned board with a lot of experience: Vice-President John Kelley #52591, Treasurer Jim Dulin #54018, Secretary Donna Cassell #68681, Sergeant-of-Arms Will Chester #63037, Chairman of the Board Bradford Blain #39993.

The 14th annual Bourbon Bash was the weekend of August 2nd-5th. This event is held the first weekend of August since its inception, and as past attendees can attest, is a fun experience. Visit the web site at to see the facility and get a registration form. We welcome you all with open arms and show you a fun filled weekend should you choose to visit us in the future.

Since everything is up coming, I shall not bore you with possible trips that may or not happen. So keep up the efforts to make the world a better place, and keep on getting it done!

Keith Schnell, President #43086

Kentucky JCI Senate President 2018-19